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Markalize - Trademark Registration Package

Trademark Registration Package

What is Trademark Registration?
The brand is intentional brand name. By registering a trademark, you will protect your brand name. In a sense, you have the ownership of the brand name with trademark registration.
The brand name is registered in 45 different classes, and whichever field of activity is registered, the registration in the relevant classes is a priority. Apart from this, there is international trademark registration, which provides the protection of the brand in foreign countries.
When registered in foreign countries, you also have the right to be recognized and protected by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization).

What are the Benefits of Trademark Registration?

1- You protect your brand name and prevent your brand from being used by others.
2- If your brand is not registered, you can be registered by others and be subject to legal cases, you may lose reputation and suffer damage. While you are right, you may be wronged. At this point, trademark registration protects you from these bad possibilities.
3- You can benefit from many support and grants provided by KOSGEB.
4- You can get a domain name with a com.tr extension for your brand.
5- Trademark registration is a must in the production permit export activities issued by the state. For this, trademark registration is required.
6- You can give your registered trademark as a mortgage and guarantee to many institutions and organizations.
7- You can sell your brand, transfer it, leave it as an inheritance.
8- Companies and products with trademark registration create a value in the target audience with the perception of quality and trust.