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Markalize - Brand Name Creation Package

Brand Name Creation Package

NAME; are the words given to inform us about all living and inanimate beings. The name is a very important element that can determine the life of a person or even direct his life. BRAND NAME; institutions and organizations are used to differentiate the goods and services they produce, logo etc. It is called "commercial titles" that can be designed, drawn and written with shapes, and can be remembered by sound perception.

The Nature of Creating a Universal Brand Name;
Compatible with universal communication criteria, based on scientific data,
Visually and culturally compatible,
It can be registered on the internet and social media in universal official institutions and in all areas,
To create a new, functional and visual brand culture.

How Should The Universal Brand Name Be?
• Brand name should be like water
• Should be useful on the universal platform
Must be functional

Criteria for Creating a Universal Brand Name:
It must be a name that is easy to pronounce and remember.
It should be compatible with the reading of alphabets and letters in other languages.
The brand should functionally identify with the product.
Slang in other languages ​​should not evoke an obscene, unwanted political or social phenomenon or events.

A newly created brand name should not resemble melodically and phonetically with other brands in similar areas or different areas and should not be used as a brand name.
All extensions of domain domains are available for registration on the Internet.

Benefits of Creating a Universal Brand Name:
Creating a Universal Brand Name is a strategic, scientific data based, planned program, and requires multi-faceted research. Every company has a name for its products and services, some of which are branded. Few of the branders are known worldwide. Here is the strategic scientific study followed in Brand Name Creation, which makes the brand to the top global. This is the difference between finding development and naming and creating a Universal Brand Name based on scientific data. You also universal brand you want to get in to international platforms and have the name of the President of Turkey and the world's first Name Institute Universal Brand Name Specialist BAYKAMB Bey (branded BRAND NAME FACTORY), you can create a professional brand name.