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Markalize - Corporate Identity Red Package

Corporate Identity Red Package

What is Corporate Identity? What are the Benefits for the Company?
All of the ways a company represents itself is called Corporate Identity. All of the activities that shape how the company is perceived while representing itself constitute the Corporate Identity Process. Company Name, Sub Company Names, Symbols (Logo), basic letter characters, preferred colors are the basic materials that make up a company's visual communication system.

The institutions, which started their studies on Identity Management with authorization, approval, user management processes, are now establishing their Identity Management infrastructures to manage their credentials and perform all necessary transactions automatically. As a matter of fact, starting work without creating the Firm's Institutional identity, will bring many deficiencies. Successful formations are accomplished by self-definition. Defining the firm identity is one of the prerequisites for the recognition of the firm.

Purpose of Corporate Identity
Our first mission as an institution is to determine our target audience and to inform companies about the productions.
Bringing the identity of the company to the fore and creating its Corporate Culture
To unite the company employees in the main target values ​​of the company and inform them in this direction
To be able to express the company to the target audience in the shortest way without neglecting confusion and to explain it in a universal language
To make the company logo, Corporate Identity Color, Source Codes, Communication Concept and Advertising materials into “Visual Identity Handbook” and inform the target audience.
What is Corporate Identity Management? What are the Benefits for the Company?
All the ways an institution / firm represents itself is called Corporate Identity. Company name, Symbols (Logo), basic letter characters, preferred colors, different shapes and models are the basic elements that form a company's visual communication system.

Creative strategies should be developed for effective and strong marketing communication. The determinations regarding the promotion should be taken as a whole in the marketing communication to the customer. As a matter of fact, using a single element for marketing communication will prevent the target audience from getting to know your company correctly.

Working with a simple logo and corporate documents while trying to promote your company in a great competitive environment will tell you that you are working sloppy in the eyes of the customer and are far from institutionalization, and will create a sense of poor quality. The method that will ensure your company to be a strong brand will be realized by creating Corporate Identity Studies in unity. A Corporate Identity Study that will be handled in all its details will give your company the ability to directly affect the customer. Corporate Identity Study is one of the first and most important steps of the brand creation process. Markalize has the quality and strong self-confidence that will add value to the existing success of companies by constantly updating its R&D studies in Corporate Identity Management with the support of experts.

It is our job to add value to your success and leave a mark in the industry.