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About Us

Founded in 2001 as MARKALIZED BRAND NAME FACTORY, our agency has been serving at the same address since its establishment. We have representative offices in Konya, Bursa, Ankara, Afyon and Antalya, based in Istanbul. Our organization, which has set out to open a new horizon to the advertising and communication sector beyond the classical advertising approach, has developed itself every year and started to provide different services. It specializes in years of experience and research in the fields of universal brand name creation, positioning, corporate identity creation, institutionalization, branding, brand management, trademark patent registration. In our agency, designs such as logo, logo-type, sign, banner, magazine, catalog, brochure are made in the field of desktop publishing. Studies such as video clips, advertisement and promotional videos, barcovision, interactive video and voice over are carried out as animated visuals. As informatics, works such as web design, banner design, creating and registering a domain area, creating a corporate mail-outlook address are carried out. Among our social content works are advertisement, promotion, media planning, seminar, conference, public relations studies, fair organization and other organizations.

Our agency is an ambitious and sought-after institution in the field of brand creation and registration. Universal Brand Name Specialist BayKAMBER (Mevlüt KANBER) has noticed great shortcomings about the brand in our country and has made it his mission to fill these gaps. Realizing that the goods and services produced in our country have not been able to see the value they deserve even though they have achieved the quality, BayKAMBER has specialized in this subject and has made all the critical criteria of branding. The fact that Turkish brands cannot reach the place they deserve globally has been the subject of scalpel hitting for our agency. Carrying out intensive works on branding, BayKAMBER has managed to attract attention with the brands it has created by bringing together all the criteria required to create a universal brand. In our country, issues such as why we could not brand, what are our branding errors, how to create permanent brands, how to create effective slogans were discussed.

BayKAMBER, who founded the Turkish Name Institute (İSİMDER) in 2013 in order to make progress in branding and to brand with Turkish names, also aimed to keep our culture alive by using old Turkish names in brand formation. Turkey and the Turkish name, a first name and a Turkish institute in the world big step towards branding was laid. Our organization, which has achieved great success in branding, institutionalization, corporate identity creation, advertisement and promotion, is proud to serve you in order to bring economic value and added value to our country.