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Markalize - Who is Baykamber?

Who is Baykamber?

Universal Brand Name Expert BAYKAMBER (Mevlüt KANBER) is a professional specializing in brand name creation. It has been operating in the fields of advertisement, promotion, branding, institutionalization, public relations and organization since 2001. Istanbul-based Markalize Brand Name Factory Ltd. Şti’s Chairman of the Board. The headquarters of the agency is in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, and it has branches in Bursa and Konya. Other than that, there are representative offices in every region of Turkey.

Creating Universal brand name, branding expert BAYKAMB has provided many brands in Turkey to be universalized and made many innovations in this area. Universal Brand expert BAYKAMBER received the Honor Plaque from the Prime Minister at the brand patent awards meeting organized by TPI in 2009. In 2012, he received the first prize in the Turkish Cherry universal brand name contest with the brand name “TADİKİ” from the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel EROĞLU. Bolu Governorship organized by "Plenty of EU Project" logo, the European Union and Turkey achieved the first place in the slogan contest received the award from Minister Egemen donations. In addition, 2007 UNESCO Mevlana Year Anytime Anywhere Fairplay Mevlana logo award and slogan project was awarded the first place.

BAYKAMBER, who contributed to branding studies with training and seminars, gave seminars in many universities and non-governmental organizations and was invited to conferences.

BAYKAMBER, which concentrates on professional and global brands, has started to operate under the umbrella of non-governmental organization in order to spread its mission and goals to a wide environment. For this purpose, he founded “BRAND NAME INSTITUTE”. This institute is the first of its kind in the world and Turkey. By establishing the Brand Name Institute, it is aimed to give priority to brand names created with Turkish-based words. Professional from Turkey on the other hand, the emergence of global brands were targeted.

BAYKAMBER is a graduate of Selcuk University Faculty of Theology and Anadolu University Public Relations and Publicity Department. He is married and has two children and speaks English and Arabic.