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Branding and Institutionalization

What is Branding?
It is a communication culture that emerges with the correct management of a differentiated IDENTITY and CULTURE that is adopted from the functional aspect of the process that starts with branding-positioning and production, and expresses a value.

Stages of Branding
1. Brand Building: It is a technical working system compatible with global commercial criteria, based on scientific data, strategic planning and brand name creation work. In this process, we recommend you to work with a specialist.

2. Brand Positioning: The next process is the positioning phase of the global brand name created. Positioning; is the answer you want to know which target audience perceives your brand. At this stage, target audience analysis should be done well. Then it is the establishment of the correct communication both visually and culturally between the brand and the target audience. Necessary research should be done on the physical and emotional characteristics of the product for an effective positioning.

3. Brand Promotion: Mass media are indispensable equipment for promotion of a brand name. Feedback is obtained in a short time and in a positive direction in public relations, media planning, marketing, promotion and advertising activities.

4. Brand Protection: Brand protection is a system that protects the brand name of brand owners who use brands in their products or services. The purpose of the trademark registration is for the trademark owners to benefit from the protection brought by the special law.

Why Branding Package:
The Corporate Identity Study Package is the guide that takes your company to branding. Each institution and organization wants to move towards the summit in its service field in a short time. It works to provide the best service and fully respond to the expectations of the target audience.

It is the package that forms the scientific content of the institutionalization activities initiated by the institutions that have just completed its establishment within their commercial activities. It is a package that will help you to move from the location of companies to higher levels. This package, which we have prepared for companies that need branding, includes the position of your company in the sector, needs, field of activity, target audience and the exact equivalent of expectations.

There are levels that must be overcome in order to achieve success. Passing these stages with appropriate strategies and professional consultancy support will ensure your company to progress steadily in the industry. Leadership is inevitable for companies that are built on solid foundations and will proceed with success-oriented strategies.