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Brand registration

Who owns the registration is the owner of the brand. Trademark registration forms a legal basis. The fact that a name has been used for years is not very binding in terms of protecting the brand. Trademark registration is handled in various dimensions. It must be registered separately in domestic and international areas so that a global brand can be created. Also, the registration process is not protected under one time.

Trademark registration allows us to protect our brand and prevents it from being used by others. If our brand is not registered, if it is registered by others, it would be lost. We may be exposed to legal cases. Our organization loses reputation and suffers economic damage. While we are right, we may be wronged. Trademark registration is the lock of the brand. Our brand is so safe with the unregistered brand no matter how safe we ​​are without locking our safe, warehouse, building, etc. places.

With the registered trademark, companies and products gain value with the perception of quality and trust in the target audience. Trademark registration is also a source of reputation for the organization. In other words, while a brand is registered, it both secures itself and gives confidence to its stakeholders. Two-way positive contribution.

It is envisaged to register in 45 different classes according to the standards of TPI. Within each class, there are certain study areas and sectors. Your brand is protected only in those fields of activity, in which classes the trademark registration is made. You cannot claim rights in other areas.

For example, insurance registration, financial and monetary services, real estate brokerage, customs brokerage services are registered with a registration process in the 36th class. If others register the same brand in the other class, we cannot interfere or claim that brand in other classes. In what areas we have registered, we will protect our brand in those areas.

Trademark registration is made for 10 years. As it expires, registration must be renewed in every preliminary year. If we take the registration process with all its dimensions, its duration, class / classes, domestic or foreign registration constitute our dominance of our brand. Considering all these criteria, we can create a brand with legal basis. Otherwise, our production or service may be stopped by encountering surprises and we may become unfair.