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Logo Corporate Identity

What is Corporate Identity Management? What are the Benefits for the Company?
All the ways an institution / firm represents itself is called Corporate Identity. Company name, Symbols (Logo), basic letter characters, preferred colors, different shapes and models are the basic elements that form a company's visual communication system.

Creative strategies should be developed for effective and strong marketing communication. The determinations regarding the promotion should be taken as a whole in the marketing communication to the customer. As a matter of fact, using a single element for marketing communication will prevent the target audience from getting to know your company correctly.

Working with a simple logo and corporate documents while trying to promote your company in a great competitive environment will tell you that you are working sloppy in the eyes of the customer and are far from institutionalization, and will create a sense of poor quality. The method that will ensure your company to be a strong brand will be realized by creating Corporate Identity Studies in unity. A Corporate Identity Study that will be handled in all its details will give your company the ability to directly affect the customer. Corporate Identity Study is one of the first and most important steps of the brand creation process. Markalize has the quality and strong self-confidence that will add value to your brand's existing success by constantly updating its R&D studies in Corporate Identity Management with the support of experts. It is our job to add value to your success and leave a mark in the industry.

The Nature of the Corporate Identity Package
It is the package that forms the scientific content of the institutionalization activities initiated by the institutions that have just completed its establishment within their commercial activities.
It creates Corporate Identity Color, Logo, Logo type and slogan studies in line with the communication concept and corporate culture created. With these efforts, the institution goes into an advanced level of institutionalization and branding.
Technically graphic application of the Corporate Identity and Corporate Culture elements of the Corporate Identity elements and the printing properties will be determined mutually according to the need.
Generating advertising ideas and advertising scenarios
Producing a Public Relations project and creating feasibility
Promotional brochure, file and corporate web design works will be done in the Red Package.
Signage Outdoor etc. visual designs of some advertising materials
Briefs will be held at two different locations, within the Agency and within the Agency.

Corporate Identity Criteria will be determined in line with the company recognition form and questions.

1-a- Target Audience Analysis

1-b- Competitor Analysis

1-c- Creating Corporate Culture

1-d- Company Communication Concept

1-e- Company Description

1-f- Company Mission

1-g- Company Vision

1-h- Company Principles

1-ı- Company Objectives and Objectives

1-i- Creating and writing the institutional culture and philosophy of the institution (image, promotion, mission, vision and quality understanding)

2-a- Corporate Identity Color

2-b- Logo-Logotype design

2-c- Logo numerical color values ​​and Source codes (source)

2-d- Alternative slogans supporting the institution slogan and institution slogan


3-a- Feedback activities, materials (feedback) and Graphic design

3-b- Business Card Graphics-Design

3-c- Letterhead Graphics-Design

3-d- Envelope Graphic-Design

3-e- Notepad Graphics-Design

3-f- Sign-Totem, Graphic-Design

3-g- Packaging and label Graphic-Design,

3-h- Corporate identity book

3-ı- Training studies and certification on brand name, branding, agrophonology

4-a- Internet branding and e-commerce consultancy (generic extension domains to protect the brand and the production of keyword extension domains to make the brand accessible on the internet

4-b- Web design work

Production of 4-c- 1 Public Relations Project

4-d- Institutionalization-branding, Advertising and Corporate Identity Consultancy