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Markalize - Creating a Global Brand Name

Creating a Global Brand Name

A brand is defined as a distinctive sign used to distinguish similar products or services from others' products or services, or used during the delivery of a particular service.

Creating brand name and branding process in Turkey felt the lack of brand name creation activities are carried out based on scientific data in the field Markalize in the framework of global criteria for the first time. Branded Branded Name Factory on carrying out the activities under the roof of the world with high value from Turkey Global Brands is created and contribute to the national economy.

While creating a global brand name, it is meant to create a brand awareness concept by creating a global awareness with a comprehensive and harmonious brand perception visually and culturally. The global brand should be easy to pronounce and not evoke bad meanings in other cultures.

It is not possible to determine only one name while creating a brand. While creating the name, both the perception of sound is created and an energy is loaded to the name. In other words, the name created should evoke production and service and should be in harmony.

A newly created brand name should not resemble melodically and phonetically with other brands in similar areas or different areas and should not be used as a brand name.

One of the most important points to be considered while creating the brand name should be available on the internet. It must comply with the internet communication and e-commerce system. Domain domains must be available for registration and the brand name created must be registered.

Branding is the communication culture that emerges with the correct management of a differentiated identity and culture adopted by the process, starting with branding-positioning and production, and expressing a value.

MARKALIZED NAME FACTORY covers all brand building and branding criteria in more detail and serves by creating a perfect brand.

Brand Name Creation Criteria
1 - Obtaining Real Information:
At this stage, real information about the institution to be named is collected for naming planning: real information; The activity area of ​​the institution is information such as determining the functionality of the goods and services to be produced, the objectives and the target audience of the institution. The first thing to do before creating a brand name is to create a culture where the brand can socialize in a vital dimension.

2 - Preparation of the Naming Plan:
Naming plan; is the planning of the period from the birth of the naming idea to the decision of the name. The plan includes elements such as how long the naming process will cover, who will take part in this process, who will make the decisions, how much budget will be allocated for this work.

3 - Preparation of Candidate Name Lists:
At this stage, the team working on naming is prepared a very large list of names. The fact that the list contains many alternative brand names is one of the most important factors that will increase the chance of success in determining the name.

4 - Pre-Screening by Consultants:
The lists prepared are pre-screened by a couple of consultants. At this stage, names not deemed suitable for use are removed from the list by consultants. Here, factors such as the existence of other institutions operating with the same name in the field in question, the suitability of the domain names for branding in the internet and intranet field, whether there are problems with the meaning of the brand name are investigated. In addition, shortening the list is useful as it will save time.

5 - Conducting Legal Compliance Research:
There are two different things to do here. The first is to determine whether there is another institution with the same name in the options, and the other is to identify those with legal disabilities in alternative names. Candidate names with such disabilities are removed from the list.

6 - Assessment in Terms of Language Use:
The pronunciation of the names determined at this stage is taken into consideration. Options that people have trouble saying are removed from the list.

7 - Philological Dimension:
The remaining name options are evaluated verbally and aurally. Necessary philological and phonetic research is carried out on the brand name. Here, options that do not sound good and names that are inappropriate are removed from the list. The meanings of options may have different equivalents in other languages. These meanings are determined and if necessary, objectionable names are removed from the list.

8 - Market Research Evaluation:
At this stage, the potential customers are surveyed and the options in the list are ranked according to their rating.

9 - Making the Decision:
Top management chooses among the remaining options and as a result of the work done, the only alternative is right.