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Domain Registration

While creating a brand, all kinds of possibilities should be taken into consideration. Similar brands, slogans, domain areas and social media groups should be examined.

If another company or brand with the same name has taken the domain name before you created a brand, an organ of your brand will be considered incomplete.

In order for the brand name to be unique in every field, all similar elements should be investigated when creating the brand name. One of them is the domain domain.

There should be no other addresses with the same name in all extensions (com, net, organ etc.) web addresses and blog sites, so that the domain can be directed directly to you when entered. Care should be taken not to intersect with the same name.

In order to establish a smooth communication on the internet and to be directed correctly, brand names, slogans and similar brand names are created in all extensions and possible name and address conflicts are prevented.

At the end of all these, you are directed to your company address without any problems.